Award Winners

Expos Baseball with Trophy: David Kerns & Eric Bellavia

The Expos Baseball Club has many accolades and player honors to celebrate. See who’s won the awards.

2022Dionys QuezadaEddie Larson MVPMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Dionys QuezadaTom Cassell Outstanding HitterMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Ryan CloutierRookie Hitter of the YearMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Ryan CloutierRookie Pitcher of the YearMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Ryan CloutierBatting ChampionMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Zach Kirby/Junior MonteroCo - Playoff Pitching MVP'sMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2022Dionys Quezada/Mike GolankiewiczCo - Playoff Batting MVP'sMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2021Carlson, ShawnCy Young (Team)Merrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2021Gofstein, Ethan (OF)All-Rookie TeamEast Boston ExposYawkey
2021Gofstein, Ethan (OF)Silver SluggerEast Boston ExposYawkey
2021Gofstein, Ethan (OF)Silver Slugger (Team)Merrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2021Mazzone, AndrewMost Valuable PlayerMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2021Mazzone, AndrewOutstanding HitterMiddlesex ExposIntercity
2021Tatis, Izzy (OF)Gold GloveEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Adamson, Derek (Catcher)All-Rookie TeamEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Adamson, Derek (Catcher)Silver SluggerEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Anderson, BrandenManager of the YearEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Carey, Christopher2nd TeamMerrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2020Costanza, Matt (3B)Silver SluggerEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Ferro, Matt (OF)Silver SluggerEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Hall, Scott (RHP)Fireman of the YearEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Hall, Scott (RHP)Post-Season MVPEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Mazzone, Andrew2nd TeamMerrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2020Oliveira, Michael (2B)Gold GloveEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Oliveira, Michael (2B)Silver SluggerEast Boston ExposYawkey
2020Tatis, Izzy (OF)1st TeamMerrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2020Tatis, Izzy (OF)Silver Slugger (Team)Merrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2020Wallace, GarrettCy Young (Team)Merrimack Valley ExposCommonwealth
2020Franchise of the YearEast Boston ExposYawkey